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If you want to give your old house a facelift or wish to change the appearance of the house you just bought before you move in, begin with replacing its doors and windows. They form a crucial part of the house, offer significant functionality and also determine to a great extent the look of a house. At Chatsworth Window Replacement Experts, our trained and courteous staff will acquaint you a little with the existing doors and window types and the most popular materials currently in use. When you know about the choices available to you, you will be able to make a better decision. You can go for a complete shift in style, for example, going for sliding doors where there previously existed French doors or vice versa. So let’s take a look into the world of doors and windows.

Replacement Window Styles

Good windows add to the functionality of your house, provide a view just where it’s at its best, ventilate your entire house effectively and make your home look lovely. For windows to do all this, they have to be at the right spot, in the right material and in a design that looks decorative while enhancing function. For example, if you live in a very cold place and need insulation, gorgeous picture windows will do the trick for you, and if the breeze is what you need in an area, sliding windows will be just right for you. Here is a short list of window types based on design and material.

Window Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows etc.

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Door Styles

You need to take special care while choosing new doors for your house – they need to be space efficient, strong enough to safeguard your nest and at the same time, aesthetically appealing. Different door types would go for different types of houses and different rooms of the same house.

Door Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors etc.

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What We Do

  1. Casement Windows
    Casement windows are the counterpart of French doors; they open and close on a hinge. This window type is simple in construction and easy to handle. You can go for glass casement windows to let light and view and even when you keep them closed. Installing windows with sturdy handles and locks will ensure safety.
  2. Double Hung Windows
    Double hung windows are basically sliding windows, but the sliding action works vertically instead of horizontally. It consists of two panels, both of which can slide up and down, so you can open up the top panel or bottom panel, or put both of them in parallel in the centre of the window frame. Hung windows are extremely space effective and go well in small rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Double hung windows with grounded glass are a very good idea for getting some natural light in your bathroom. Do get these windows installed on good quality sliders for maximum longevity and smoothness of operation.
  3. Single Hung Windows
    Like double hung windows single hung windows also consist of two panels, but either one of the two panels remains fixed while the other is free to slide up and down. Going for a single moving panel can save you some money relative to installing double hung windows.A very space-effective option again, single hung windows are commonly seen in many American homes and apartments. They fit well with materials like vinyl and aluminum with either plain or frosted glass. You can make these windows secure by getting a good locking mechanism in place.
  4. Sliding Windows
    Just like sliding doors, sliding windows slide horizontally to open and close. You have a choice in sliding windows with the number of panels. You can go for two-panel, three-panel or four-panel sliding windows depending on how wide and versatile you want to make your window area.A long row of sliding windows is often more functional than casement windows or hung windows. It is easier to open them up slightly to let fresh air in without putting in a lot of effort. Moreover, they can accommodate a variety of materials, so you get to choose based on your preference and budget – you can go for luxurious sliding windows or fairly economical ones without compromising on the function.
  5. Garden Windows
    Garden windows protrude outward, giving you a wide ledge and extending your indoors space. The protrusion creates a visual illusion of a much larger space, in fact, particularly if it’s all glass. You can use the ledge of a garden window to put decorative objects like herbs, pots, dolls, tiny sculptures and kettles.If you love to decorate and also have a nice view of the outdoors in any part of the house, you should go for at least one garden window. Even to an onlooker outside, a garden window looks very chic and appealing.
  6. Picture Windows
    Picture windows are fixed glass windows. You cannot open them – their only purpose is to give you a spectacular view of the outside and letting loads of natural light inside. Since they have no opening at all, picture windows are generally more insulating than other window types, and are therefore very well suited for extremely cold areas. Imagine sitting in an easychair with your favorite book, enjoying the snow falling outside from a line of picture windows in front of you – enticing, isn’t it? So explore picture windows and get the perfect one for your house with guidance from Chatsworth Window Replacement Experts.
  7. Awning Windows
    Awning windows open up and above just like an awning would. There is something about awning windows that reminds you of quaint European streets lined with little shops and eateries. In addition to being charming, they are functional and easy-to-handle. You can get awning windows in a variety of materials. They are most popular with attic rooms and are often used in combination with picture windows for ventilation purpose.
  8. Bay Windows
    Bay windows protrude outward thereby enhancing your inner space. They comprise of bows and bays. Just like a garden window, you can use a bay window for splendid decoration. You can go all creative with choosing the most charming of little objects to out on your window ledge to make it look beautiful from inside as well as outside. So get a bay window in the most picturesque portion of the house and breathe more life into it.

Window Types Based on Material
The same window can be constructed out of a variety of materials. At times, one material may be more suitable to a certain window design than the other, among other factors that define which material you should go for. Here go some tips on which material could be right for your windows.

  1. Wood Windows
    Wood windows are highly insulating, warm and rich in appearance. If you have a taste for all things grand, wood would be your first choice in windows. The natural material exudes a charm that few others can match.If regular investments in maintenance are not a deal breaker for you, you should definitely go in for natural wood windows. They will keep up the grand appeal of your house, insulate you in all weathers and match well with all the classic furniture pieces you may have. If you take good care of them, they will last you a lifetime and will remain as appealing two decades later as they are now, owing to the timeless grace of wood.
  2. Wood Clad Windows
    Wood cladding is a brilliant idea to get the warmth of real wood with additional strength and far lower maintenance needs. Common cladding materials include steel, vinyl and aluminum. In most cases, only the exterior end of the window needs to be clad while the interior remains untouched. This results in more weather-resistant windows that are not at as high a risk of damage from the elements as wood windows are.Even where cladding is done, the look of the window from a distance remains like that of natural wood. Unless someone gets really close in inspecting your windows, they are unlikely to be able to tell between a wood window and a wood clad window. So you can go for cladding without any hesitation if you need to bring down your maintenance efforts.
  3. Vinyl Windows
    Vinyl is a highly temperature-resistant and durable material. Vinyl windows are quite economical in terms of initial costs, and demand nil maintenance for the rest of their long lives. They are perfect for those who do not like to spend their weekends in home maintenance chores! Once polished, a vinyl window never needs a second coat in its lifetime, and washing it only one odd time in an entire year is all you need to do to keep them looking nice. Besides, with the availability of some smart polishing option, you can get your vinyl windows to look like wood. So it’s a win-win with vinyl windows.
  4. Aluminum Windows
    Aluminum windows are extremely resistant to fluctuating temperatures, last freakishly long and are exceptionally ductile. If you love fancy shapes in windows, aluminum will take just the shape of your whims effortlessly. Moreover, if you live in an area that gets extremely hot in summer and equally as cold in winter, aluminum windows will work out great for you owing to their temperature resistance.Like vinyl windows, aluminum windows also require near zero maintenance. Once painted, they remain that way forever and an annual wash is all they ask for. Be careful about the color of aluminum windows you choose, as they cannot be re-painted in any other color after the first coat is done.
  5. Fiberglass Windows
    Fiberglass windows are many times stronger than vinyl or aluminum windows. They are weatherproof and low maintenance as well. A lot of commercial spaces have fiberglass windows for these reasons. Besides the durability and strength, the material makes it possible for you to get windows in a variety of colors and to change these colors whenever you wish to. While vinyl and aluminum can take only a one-time paint, fiberglass windows can easily be re-painted as many times as you like. The advantages certainly justify the slightly higher initial costs compared to vinyl windows.
  6. Obscure Glass Windows
    Obscure glass windows have patterns etched on them. The purpose of this etching is to reduce the transparency of windows, so one cannot clearly see through them. Obscure glass windows let you have natural light inside your house and the rich appeal of glass without having to compromise on privacy. However, they may disrupt the outside view for you, because they make it equally difficult to see through either ways, whether you are inside the house or outside.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors are the most space efficient of all door types. They open and close on a slider and therefore do not require any additional space around the door. You can put up sliding doors in alleyways, balconies, drawing rooms and a lot of other spaces; they are indeed a most versatile door type.

You can also use sliding doors to create a partition between two parts of a large space that you intend to use for different purposes. For example, if you have a big hall in your house, you can easily put up a sliding door to demarcate a formal dining area and the living area. In case you have a party at home, you can open the sliders up to again merge the two spaces. If you like things a little edgy, you can choose a decorative door style here, like stained glass, or a checkered grid; match it with the rest of the décor and you will be good to go.

French Doors

These are the doors the way doors have always been – two panels moving on hinges. The traditional two panels can as well be replaced by a single panel based on space restrictions and your preference. French doors do need enough space for them to operate smoothly. But the plus side of installing a French door instead of a sliding door is, that French doors open out wider than sliding doors where at least one panel remains fixed.

When it comes to French doors, you can choose from an infinite range of designs. In addition, the choice of materials for French doors is also very large. The decision to choose the right design and right material for all the French doors in your house can be a tough one – at Chatsworth Window Replacement Experts, we make it easier for you by recommending to you the best design and material combinations.

Entry Doors

The entry door to your house ought to be the sturdiest one, in addition to being grand and inviting. For most people it is also the most expensive door of the house and should therefore be chosen with great care. You can go for entry doors with arches, beautiful veneers and fancy doorknobs.

For the sake of security, always go for a very tough material. Install modern digital locks to significantly lower the risk of a breakin, and consider reinforcing your entry door if you need the additional safety.

And the last yet very important point is, installing an entry door that insulates well. Ineffective insulation can cause your entire home to get colder, subsequently increasing your power bills.


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