Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding patio doors are contemporary, sleek and space-efficient. This door type goes perfectly well in small spaces making them look brighter and bigger. Given a good quality of construction and a flawless installation, sliding doors can last you a very long time with minimal maintenance effort and expenditure.

Many modern homes and apartments come equipped with sliding doors made of vinyl and Tempered glass. This combination goes perfectly well with the current trend of open floor plans. Tempered glass is very secure; when faced with an impact, it cracks into many tiny pieces that stay within the outer framing layer of the glass itself and do not fall out.

Based on the number of panels in a sliding patio door, it has three types:

  1. Double Panel Sliding Patio Door
    A double panel sliding patio door has two panels, of which one remains fixed in its place while the other is free to move horizontally on the slider to open or shut the door. When you open the sliding panel, it goes on to overlap the fixed panel.
  2. Triple Panel Sliding Patio Door
    As the name implies, a triple panel sliding patio door has three panels. Of the three panels of a triple panel sliding door, two remain fixed and the third one can slide open and shut. This allows you a wider door for a more expansive view of the outdoors and getting more sunlight inside.
  3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door
    Two panels of a four-panel sliding patio door remain fixed and two are free to move. The fixed ones are those at the outer edge of the door while the center two slide towards the fixed ones when you open the door. A four-panel sliding patio door not only allows you a bigger view and more sunlight but also gives you a door opening as wide as a French door. So if you have the space available, you should go for a wide four-panel slider, especially for your living room balcony.

At Chatsworth Window Replacement Experts, we source sliding door materials from the most trusted of manufacturers and give you unbiased recommendations on which door type and material would suit you best. Call us to get smart and durable sliding patio doors for your house.