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French doors are the most traditional door type. They open and close in a swinging motion on a hinge. The classic French door has two panels, both opening out wide to create a grand entrance; but single panel French door are also very popular especially because of the space advantage they have over double panel French doors.

French doors are extremely versatile in terms of designs and materials you can choose for them. You can get a full wood French door with a veneer of your choice on it, or you can go for a glass French door with numerous design options like stained glass, checkered wooden grid etc.

With all the possible variations, French doors become a versatile door type for almost all parts of the house. However, try making sure that almost all the doors you install follow a certain design theme to give your space some homogeneity.

At Chatsworth Window Replacement Experts, we guide you through the entire process of choosing and installing French doors in your house. In addition, we can help you accomplish an excellent remodeling job for your home by replacing old doors with new ones.