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The entry door is undoubtedly the most important door of your house. It ought to be as protective and shielding as it is welcoming. Not only does an entry door add to the warmth and aesthetic of your house but also acts as a strong barrier that keeps you and your home safe.

Your focus should be on choosing a robust material for your entry door. These should be insulating and also sound-proof. Also, try reinforcing the door for additional security. After you have picked the right material, pay attention to the locking mechanism of the door – go for modern, fool-proof systems here.

Now that you have ensured safety, start looking for the best designs for the door’s veneer. You can simply not ignore the looks of your entry door – they should be inviting and should match the rest of the home’s architectural style. For example, an old, Victorian architecture will make a contemporary looking door appear totally out of place.

You can make your entry doors look even grander by fitting them with accessories of your choice, like door knockers, pretty door handles and knobs etc. If your tastes incline towards vintage and classical, you could go for antique metal accents for a splendid aesthetic appeal.